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Douglas Huegel (he/him)

Owner, Graphic Designer & Creative Director

Beverage of choice: Old fashioned
If I was an animal, I’d be: A bison, roaming with my herd
Coolest place I’ve traveled: The Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Doug is one of those lucky people that knew exactly what he wanted to "do" by the time he was in junior high. Graphic design was his calling, and figuring this out early-on gave him the experience and edge he needed to start a business of his own at the precocious age of 23. A few short years later, Doug was working for himself full time in Philadelphia, attracting clients like Pampers, The Philadelphia Eagles, Valley Forge Historical National Park, and Johnson & Johnson.


Then, In 2018, Doug had an epiphany during a visit to his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: he realized that city life made him feel totally disconnected from the outdoors, his family, and his community. That’s why he and his now fiancé Judy packed up their bags and made the big move “home”. Since then, he hasn’t stopped hunting, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and camping; all the things he did growing up. And he does most of this with his family by his side.


Needless to say, making the shift to becoming an "outdoor graphic designer" was a natural progression. Today, he genuinely looks forward to interacting with clients and integrating his life experiences into his design work. He has also recently started exploring his role as an intersectional, progressive activist in the outdoor spaces and hobbies he occupies.

In March of 2018, Doug co-founded the company Huegel Handcrafted with his brother Andrew, where they craft gifts & goods from wood & leather. The business was inspired by the multi-generational Huegel tradition of woodworking and helping others.

Lane Johnson Project
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Judy Russ (she/they)

Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Director & Copywriter

Beverage of choice: hard cider or bourbon
If I was an animal, I’d be: hippogriff
Coolest place I’ve traveled: Chefchaouen, Morocco

It was a solo backpacking trip that inspired Judy to quit her full-time sales job and start a copywriting business. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without her fiancé Doug–you know the guy—who inspired her to take the leap. 


With the digital marketing experience she gained while moonlighting as a content writer during her sales career, Judy went on to specialize in human-interest editorial writing–getting her start at a popular print publication in Lancaster. She performed more than 75 interviews in 2020 alone, writing 2 (50) page magazines in their entirety for a large Central Pennsylvania homebuilding company. Meanwhile, she utilized her past experience as a professional cook to write about restaurant owners and develop dozens of recipes for a local culinary content agency.


Today, Judy uses her unique combination of wordsmithing, communication skills, and A.S. in Graphic Design to manage the Doug Does Design brand and help clients find their voice.

Like Doug, she spends much of her time outside; hiking, gardening, laying by creeks and under trees. She feels a deep connection to the pastoral countryside of Lancaster, and knows she is privileged to live here after nearly a decade of troublemaking in Philly.


Though protecting the earth is important to Judy, she also cares deeply about its humans. She works hard to be an intersectional advocate and contribute to creating an equitable, and decolonized, society. In her free time, Judy is a committed weight-lifter and wellness enthusiast. She has a collection of ~500 written poems she is currently attempting to publish. 


Judy is marrying Doug in December 2021!



Account Manager

Beverage of choice: just water, please
If I was an animal, I’d be: sleeping
Coolest place I’ve traveled: Nashville, Tennessee

Riley is a six year old pointer/hound mix that loves finding scent trails and window gazing. He is an extremely hard worker, often to a fault, and constantly gets on the team’s case for not working nights and weekends. However, he makes up for his stubbornness with excellent snuggles and a big, rubbable belly. He has loud yawns and sploots often. Riley has a PhD in napping and a minor in boofing at squirrels.



Assistant to the Account Manager

Beverage of choice: PUDDLE
If I was an animal, I’d be: DOG
Coolest place I’ve traveled: YARD

Moose is a goofy three year old boxer/lab mix who is constantly getting himself into trouble. He is super needy, has a floppy face, and weaponizes his big sad eyes to get treats when he’s not supposed to. Moose unfortunately thinks every piece of design work is “THE BEST THING EVER” and “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING”, and is known for suggesting comic sans and neon green. For this reason we keep him strictly on customer service duty.


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